Mari Joramo is out with her brand new singel Crash Landing that premiered on NRK P3, P3 Ruben April 3rd, 2017. It was released on all digital platforms 7th of April and went straight in Norwegian on Spotify´s list NPS recommends. She makes catchy indiepop that sensually sneaks into your ear with tender and beautiful vocals blended with synths and guitars. Her diverse and distinctive voice covers a broad range, from personal and intimate to strong and desperate expressions.
With lyrics that are both soaring and metaphoric, but always honest and sometimes brutally direct. Her debut album was released on her own label in 2015, the song Lost Bay went straight into Norwegian on Spotify´s list Norwegian pop, and many of her songs are on rotation on Ordentlig radio. The song Drunkingly humming was the official Flashmob song under the TILT project by the well known Panta Rei Dance Theatre. She was also booked as the opening act for Band of Gold to the festival Kulturisten, 2016. In the spring 2017 she will release some new singles.

“A record that is filled with many treasures. 7-songs, 7-moments of WOW. I recommend that you also should let yourself fall in love with Mari Joramo.” Stein Eriksen

“Catchy indiepop with guitars in front. 
A suiting production which makes you want to listen to it again and again.”
HISS!G magasin, Magne Fonn Hafskor

“Mari Joramo is not only a great danser but also an incredible raw artist that sings like an angel”
Mia Valentina, Joner & Mia Blog, 2015

“Energetic and beautiful music that makes you want to dance.”
Anne Ekernes, Artistic Director Panta Rei